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  • How Candles Evolved as Light Sources Into Scented Decorative Objects

    Candles were originally used as a source of light after the sun has set, around 5,000 years ago, but it has evolved into something that we find in many places today: the scented candles. Nowadays, you can see them in many places like coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, and even in some corners of ...
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  • How to fix tunneling on your favorite candles

    How to fix tunneling on your favorite candles

    Before doing anything make sure tunneling is the real problem.  Some candles that look like they’re tunneling are actually suffering from craters. candle that looks like it tunneled but actually has crater problems You can usually tell the problem is from CRATERS and not TUNNELING when two things...
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  • How To Fix and Prevent Candle Tunneling

    How To Fix and Prevent Candle Tunneling

    Candle tunneling is the phenomenon of a lit candle melting through the center of the candle without melting all the surrounding wax, leaving a ledge of solid wax around the edge of the container.  The flame on the wick creates a vertical “tunnel” towards the bottom as it burns, leaving a lot of w...
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  • Popular Color About Candle Vessel

    Popular Color About Candle Vessel

    Glass candle vessels are becoming more and more popular with consumers. They like to make glass jars in different colors, like yellow, white, black, pink, etc. Use colorful glass containers to DIY your favorite scented candles an add fun to life. At this stage, we are mo...
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  • Candle Making Instructions

    Candle Making Instructions

    How to make glass jar candles? First, please prepare all the materials for making scented candles Soy wax, fragrance oil, candle vessel, wick stickers, wick centering device, pot, candle dye Step 1:Prepare your candle vessels What we'r...
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  • Precautions for glass jar

    Precautions for glass jar

    Precautions for  the use of glass candle jars : Winby glass candle jars have been strictly tested and inspected before they leave the factory. Even so, when using it, you still need to pay attention to: ☞Please remove the packaging materials carefully to avoid leaving fingerprints or scratches on...
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  • Use of scented candles

    Use of scented candles

    Introduction of scented candles Aromatherapy candles have become a way to adjust the taste of life. Scented candles have a fresh and pleasant fragrance. Scented candles are a kind of craft candles. They are rich in appearance and beautiful in color. The natural plant ess...
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