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Winby candle company is a professional company to produce scented candles, candle jars, pillar candle and art candle. We have participated in the Canton Fair for many years, and attracted more and more customers from many countries around the world. So far, we still maintain long lasting cooperation relationship because of our high quality、competitive price and best service. Many consumers have given us high evaluation for our products.

At the Canton Fair, our company attracted many candle lovers from all over the world, and they are very interested in our scented glass candles. We provide candles in different cup shapes, including pillar glass cup, Yankee style, square cup, tin jar, storage jar. And also many art candles. Of course, they are also very interested in our customized services, because they can print their favorite text or pictures on their favorite scented candles.

Because of our product quality and customer service, we won the favor of many customers at the Canton Fair. For example, one of our customers have emailed us: I like to cooperate with you. Your service is one of the best I have ever met. Because of your best service, there is nothing to worry about. Many thanks.

Another favorable comment, one of our customer from UK emailed us: I really want to use your company as I’m very aware that you’ve now made two rounds of our samples free of charge. As a result, we are happy to pay so that to make sure that our products are made to the highest quality and ready to market as soon as possible.

A Japan customer have said: Good quality beeswax candles. Carefully packed and delivered on time. Service was quick and friendly. Would order again.

Here are some pictures with our customer for your reference.


Post time: Nov-19-2020

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