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2023 most popular fragrance for winby scented candles


Winby scented candles are classified into the following fragrance categories:

Floral series: including rose, jasmine, lily and other floral fragrances, emitting a strong floral scent, making the air filled with a light floral fragrance.

Fruit series: including lemon, orange, grape and other fruity fragrances, emitting a fresh fruity scent, making the air full of vitality and freshness.

Wood series: including sandalwood, cedar, grapefruit wood and other woody fragrances, emitting a deep woody scent, making the air filled with a sense of stability and tranquility.

Herb series: including mint, rosemary, lavender and other herbal fragrances, emitting a fresh herbal scent, making the air full of nature and comfort.

Post time: Jun-06-2023

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