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Applications for scented candle using

Scented candles have become a way to adjust the taste of life, whether it is when you are reading a book quietly, or slowly tasting a cup of tea, or when you soak in a comfortable hot bath, light a scented candle and smell With a faint fragrance, all the troubles will be forgotten, and the whole person is relaxed and in a beautiful mood.

wedding yankee style candle

Wedding candle---A fragrance can bring a high sense of happiness

The scent ocean is very, very summery. The scents of citrus, floral and vanilla blend together perfectly, reminding me of Bali, the warm sea breeze and sunshine. Lighting such Yankee style candles as wedding candle at a wedding will not only bring you romance, but also make you full of happiness for the future. Let the fragrance add a touch of sweet memories to the wedding. Take this candle as a souvenir, and the guests who receive the gift will surely feel the sweetness.

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Home decor candle---Biscuit fragrance glass candle

Home, as the longest place to stay, of course it must be beautiful and warm. The easiest and most effective way to make your home beautiful is aromatherapy candle, like a glass scented candle. These candle are all used with soy wax in glass candle jars, choose you like scent. Biscuit or lavender candles smell very refreshing, not too sweet at all. Very suitable for warm winter weekends, nestled at home, covered with a blanket, read a little sweet text, drowsy in the warm fragrance. After lighting, the room is filled with elegant fragrance, which makes feel relaxed and warm.

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glass jar candles
yoga and massage

Yoga and Massage Candle---Relaxed candles

Yoga is more particular about the atmosphere of the environment, so you can light a scented candles during yoga. When practicing yoga alone, but it does not mean that you can only practice alone and lonely. You can also use tin candles to make yoga romantic. Aroma candles bring a romantic atmosphere to your yoga practice. It can also be used for massage. Massage candle, used natural massage wax or 100% natural soy wax, it can not only achieve the effect of relaxing the body and mind, but also beautify the skin, allowing you to fully enjoy the unique taste of life.

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Hotel scented candle and Reed Diffuser

To get rid of the peculiar smell of the bathroom with scented candles, it is best to choose a fresh and refreshing fragrance. About the candle container, you can choose tin jar or glass candle jar. The fragrance of fruity or citrus series has a good effect on removing peculiar smell. You can also light a scented candle during bathing to soothe the romantic taste and make bathing become a spiritual healing.

Reed diffuser can emit fragrance by itself, which is a very good refreshing, romantic thing that creates an atmosphere and establishes a sentiment. All this looks noble, elegant, and distinctive.

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hotell candles
DIY candle making

DIY glass scented candles---making candles by yourself

How to give him/her a special gift on a special day? Homemade scented glass candles with lid are your best choice. We supply all the materials for making scented candles. Soy wax, fragrance oil, candle vessel, candle jar with lid(matte glass jar or frosted glass jar), candle wicks, wick stickers, wick centering device, pot, candle dye. Feel free to choose what you like scent, like rose, lavender, mango, strawberry and so on. Every fragrance has this special meaning. Give a scented candle made by yourself as a gift to others, symbolizing your most cherished blessing.

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